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Windows & Office on Macs

What is needed:

  • Administrative rights on the Mac
    • The ability to install software
  • Internet connectivity
  • No less than 60GB of available local storage (free space on your Mac's drive)
  • Power adapter
  • Time
    • This process will take approximately 2 hours to download the Windows 8.1 installer, Office 2013 Professional Plus and VMware Fusion 8, configure and install.


VMware Fusion 8 will provide the hardware emulation for the Windows guest operating system (OS) on your Mac. We have selected this method instead of Boot Camp because it does not require students to repartition the hard drive which can be a lengthy process and is more permanent than a virtual disk residing on your OSX partition. This method will permit you to easily move the VMDK to an external drive if additional storage is needed.
Download Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 Professional Plus
NOTE: It is important to start downloading your Windows 8.1 installer as well as your Office 2013 installer. This process may take a long time based on your network connectivity. For best results it is recommended that you connect via an Ethernet patch cable, not WiFi.
There are several places School of Business students can obtain valid Windows licenses. Choose one of the options below. Then return to the documentation for an explanation of how to download the media and obtain a license.

Option 1 UConn.onthehub

This is the preferred location to obtain Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 Professional Plus licensing and download the media.

Option 2 Dreamspark Premium

This location has Windows Operating Systems, Visio, Project and many other Microsoft applications but it does not have Office 2013 Professional Plus.

Downloading VMware Fusion

School of Business students have access to VMware Fusion 8 by registering for an account here,

  • Complete the account request form.
  • Provide your full first name in the First Name field.
  • Provide your last name in the Last Name field.
  • In the Email field enter your valid UConn email address. All requests not made with a UConn email address will be ignored.
  • In the Issue Description field enter the School of Business course number that requires the VMware product you whish to download. Also include your NetID for validation.
  • Failure to provide the requested information will delay your account creation.
  • Provide the appropriate Captcha response
  • Click Send.

A confirmation email will be sent to you with your username and password. This process may take 1 to 2 days.
Go to

On the student tab, click the Software hyperlink

Click the hyperlink below the product icon for VMware Fusion 8 (for Mac OS X).

Click Add to Cart.

Click Check Out.

Review the End-User License Agreement and click I Accept.

Confirm the order information and click Proceed With Order.

Complete the VMware Graduation Offer form fields, Click Next.

Click the option to Email order receipt. Or make note of the Serial Number. In the example provided the fictitious serial number is underlined in red. Your serial number is needed for the install and should be kept safe should you have to reinstall the software in the future for some reason.
Click Start Download.

Click Download.

Select the option to Save File.
Click OK.

Installing VMware Fusion

Go to your downloads folder (option+command+L) and double click on the VMware-Fusion disk image file.

Double click on the Installer window icon to initiate the installation.

Click Open.

Enter the administrative user's account credentials.
Click OK.

Review the End-User License Agreement. Click Agree.

Enter the license key you made note of or from the emailed receipt in the space provided.
Click Continue.

Enter the administrative user's account credentials.
Click OK.

Click Done.

Drag the Windows ISO file to the "Install from disc or image" area of the "Select the Installation Method" window.
Click Continue.

Click Continue.

Keep the default option to "Use Easy Install"
The current Mac user's account name is passed into the Account Name field.
Define a new password in the "Password:" field.
Repeat the password in the "Confirm Password:" field.
Enter the Windows Product Key: which you recorded from
Click Continue.

Click Finish.

Select More Seamless.
Click Continue.
Once the Windows 8.1 installation process begins do not pause the virtual machine (VM), close VMWare Fusion, or shutdown or pause your laptop.

Wait for the guest OS installation to complete.

The guest OS will restart during the process.
Log in using the username and password defined at the start of the process.

Permit the installation of VMWare Tools and allow the guest OS to restart.

Confirm the VMware Tools message window.
Click OK.
When the virtual machine restarts click on the desktop. Enter your username and password defined in the Easy Install Step above.
On the desktop of the virtual machine you will see all of the items on your Mac OSX Desktop. Deleting items from either desktop will delete them on both so be careful.

Installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus

While in the Windows virtual machine. Double click on the installation media for Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
Where to save your work

Save files in the OSX Documents folder by clicking on the VMware Shared Folders icon on your Windows VM desktop. Follow the OSX file path to your Documents folder.

Tips to Consider

Shutdown both the guest, Windows operating system and OSX properly

While in the OSX go to the VMware Fusion window or from Finder click on the Fusion toolbar, select Virtual Machine, and click on Shutdown.

While in the guest OS, click on the Windows icon (start icon) and click on the power icon

Wait for the virtual machine to power off completely.

Adding other Windows Applications

Got to from a browser in the guest OS (windows) select the applications you would like to install
Java, Flash, PDF Reader
Win8.1 has built in Antivirus, etc
Save the installer, go to the Downloads folder of the Windows guest OS and double click on the installer to add the bundled software.

Getting Started Materials

Windows 8.1

Fusion 8