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  1. Confirm you are connected to UCONN-SECURE or have a wired (Ethernet) network connection.
  2. Navigate to the driver download page for the printer on the Xerox website:
  3. Confirm the Operating System dropdown box on the top of the page is the same as your current version of Windows; if not, selected the correct version.
  4. Confirm the Associated Product dropdown has built-in controller selected.
  5. Select Web-based Print Driver Installer from the driver list (it should be the first option).
  6. On the next page, Accept the license terms and download the drivers.
  7. Download and open the driver installation package.
  8. Accept the license terms of the installer, and click I Agree.
  9. On the next window, select the IP Address or DNS Name button on the top (the right button), and enter the full network name of the printer:

  10. Click Search. A printer entry in the list should appear, select it and Click Next >.

  11. On the next page, you can use the default selected options. Click Install.

  12. The application will download drivers and configure the printer. This may take a few minutes, based on network speed.

  13. After the driver installation is complete, the window will close and the printer is ready to use.