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Students' technology experience is an area of focus for School of Business Information Technology Services. Most classes are comprised of 50% to 60% of students using MacBooks, with a trend toward this percentage increasing. School of Business ITS created a Windows 10 Learning Environment which students will access by installing either VirtualBox or VMware Fusion on their Macs. This software will read and write to a virtual disk, saved locally on their Macs, containing the Windows Learning Environment. In roughly 20 minutes Mac users will have a working Windows 10 Operating System with Office 2016 for Windows hosted on their Macs. Students will be able to install other Windows software required for classes as necessary which is restricted on SkyBox or OPIM Virtual Desktop. Also because the virtual disk is stored locally it will work even if SkyBox goes offline or students don't have Internet access.

Step One:

Microsoft Licensing

Retrieve your Windows 10 License key from

Retrieve your Office 2016 32-bit License from

Step Two:

Install a hypervisor on your host operating system

Either hypervisor will work, VMware Fusion requires a license, has more features / integration and provides better performance. Oracle VirtualBox does not require a license and is a great choice for MS Office use, homework etc.

Installing Oracle VirtualBox on a Mac

Installing VMware Fusion

Step Three:

Importing the Windows 10 Learning Environment Appliance

There is a Windows 10- Learning Environment appliance file for VMware Fusion (Win10_4_Mac_Fusion.ova) and an appliance file for Oracle VirtualBox (Win10_4_Mac_VB.ova). You will experience problems if you attempt to import the incorrect appliance into Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Fusion. The appliance files are available available in BUSN 225. Bring a flash drive with at least 8GB or storage available to transfer the file to your Mac.

Importing & Configuring The Windows Learning Environment - VirtualBox

Importing & Configuring the Windows Learning Environment - VMware Fusion


Starting From Scratch:

For students who would like like to build a Windows Learning Environment using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 complete instructions are available here, Windows & Office On A Mac.