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Events are designed for large presentations, especially if a large number of anonymous viewers will be connecting. By default, video and audio are turned off for everyone connecting, but can be enabled by the host of the event.

Create an event (rather than a meeting) if you do not want anyone other than yourself (or another presenter) to have audio and video privileges.


  1. Navigate to
  2. If you have requested a WebEx Reserved account (highly recommended), click UConn Reserved WebEx Login at the bottom of the page. If not, click UConn Community WebEx Login.
    Please note the available services and restrictions each type of account offers. When possible, use your Reserved account and login.

  3. The following steps use the Reserved login for demonstration purposes.
    A new tab will open. Click Log In at the top-right of the page. Enter your NetID and password when prompted.

  4. Click Event Center at the top of the page, then click Schedule an Event in the left navigation panel.

  5. Section 1: Basic Information

    1. Fill out Event name
    2. Enter a password if you want to restrict access
    3. Program and Tracking codes can be left blank

  6. Section 2: Date & Time

    1. Enter the Start date and time
    2. Recommended: check Attendees can join X minutes before the scheduled start time and select a value from the dropdown menu.

  7. Section 3: Audio Conference Settings
    1. Do not make any changes to this section

  8. Section 4: Event Description & Options

    1. Enter a description of the event, this will be visible to all participants
    2. Upload images and documents, if required
    3. If you have a survey or website (for example: a Qualtrics survey) you would like participants to view after the event is complete, enter the URL in the Destination URL after event textbox

  9. Section 5: Attendees & Registration

    1. If you know the email addresses for the attendees of this event (not the hosts or presenters), click Create invitation list and enter the names and email addresses. If not, you can also distribute the URL for the event after it's been created.

  10. Section 6: Presenters & Panelists
    1. If the event will have more than one moderator or presenter, click Create invitation list and enter the names and email addresses. It is highly recommended to have at least 1 other person as a panelist or presenter in order to facilitate questions from the audience.

  11. Section 7: Email Messages
    1. Only make changes to this section if you've added email addresses to the attendee list or if you want to customize the delivery of notification emails

  12. Click Schedule This Event at the bottom of the page. On the next page that appears, select everyone you'd like to send email invitations to, or click Send Later

  13. You'll be redirected to the Event Overview page. Here you can copy and distribute the URLs for the event for both attendees and panelists.
    Note: these URLs are different, and allow different privileges. Only send the panelist URL to those you want to have full control of the event.

  14. When it is time to start the Event, log into the WebEx portal, click Event Center at the top of the page, then click Site Events in the left navigation panel. Find the event you want to start in the list, then click Start