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  1. Navigate to

  2. If you have requested a WebEx Reserved account (highly recommended), click UConn Reserved WebEx Login at the bottom of the page. If not, click UConn Community WebEx Login.
    Please note the available services and restrictions each type of account offers. When possible, use your Reserved account and login.

  3. The following steps use the Reserved login for demonstration purposes.
    A new tab will open. Click Log In at the top-right of the page. Enter your NetID and password when prompted.

  4. Click Meeting Center at the top of the page, then click Schedule a Meeting in the left navigation panel.

  5. Fill out the Meeting information.
    1. Password is optional
    2. The Attendees list is optional when you are creating the meeting. If you know the email addresses of people you want to invite to the meeting, enter them in this box. You will receive an email after the meeting is scheduled that you can email out as well.
    3. Check the Send a copy of the invitation email to me option

  6. Confirm everything on the page is correct. If the meeting start time is in the past or the current time, click Start. If the meeting start time is any time in the future, click Schedule Meeting. (These are the same button, the text on the button will change)

  7. You will be redirected to the meeting overview page. You will also receive 2 emails from WebEx: one email that has your host information, one email labeled (Forward to others) that has only the meeting connection information.