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This how-to guide applies to recording a class session from a pre-configured classroom computer.

Registering the Desktop Recorder to your account

  1. Open the Mediasite Desktop Recorder program installed on the classroom computer, usually found in the Start menu.

  2. Navigate to and login with your NetID and password, if prompted.

  3. Under section 3, click the Register Mediasite Desktop Recorder button. If prompted, allow or run the program the webpage is attempting to open.

  4. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder window will open. Confirm in the top of the window that your NetID is present. If it is not shown, click the NetID that is visible and find your NetID in the list that appears.


Using the Desktop Recorder

  1. Click the Record icon.

  2. Section 1 (Select Type):

    1. Enter a Presentation Name. We recommend including the class name, number, and date in the name.
    2. Select the type of recording you want to create. For most lecture capture situations, Screencast + Audio is the best option. If you want to capture webcam video, select Screencast + Video.
    3. Click Next.

  3. Section 2 (Set up Hardware):

    1. Confirm the correct camera and microphone inputs are selected (if applicable). A preview video window and audio graph will appear and should be active if everything is working correctly.
    2. Click Next.

  4. Section 3 (Capture Area):

    1. For most situations, you will want to capture your entire desktop. Select Desktop.
    2. Click the green checkmark button to continue.

  5. Section 4 (Summary):

    1. Uncheck show recording control panel (this will hide the control panel from the recording, which will take up screen space).
    2. Confirm all the settings are correct. Click the Record button on the bottom of the window to begin recording.

  6. A countdown will begin, and the recording will start.

  7. In the system tray, look for the red pause icon and click it. A Desktop Recorder window will appear. The recording is now paused.

  8. To cancel the recording, click Discard Recording.

  9. To resume recording and hide the window, click Resume Recording.

  10. If you are finished recording, click Finish Recording. A new window will appear with the upload status of the recording. Remain connected to the internet until the recorded is completed uploaded (the status will say "Uploaded" when complete).

  11. After your recording has completed uploading, click your NetID on the top of the screen, then from the menu that appears, click Forget a Connection.

  12. A small X will appear next to all the users in the list. Click the X next to your NetID.

  13. A new window will appear inside the Desktop Recorder. Click Forget to remove your account from the recorder (this is important so that another professor does not upload their class recording into your account).

  14. Close the Desktop Recorder.



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