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From a School of Business Classroom

The P: and Q: drives that are mapped when you log in with your University NetID are not the same as the P: and Q: drives that map when you log in with your School of Business account.  If you are teaching in a Storrs classroom and wish to map your BUSN P: and Q: drives, please use one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Map the drives using an internet browser. 


  • Option 2: Map the drives using a script that is installed on the classroom image. 
    • Once logged on to the computer, go to Start > School of Business.
    • Run the program 'SchoolofBusinessDrives.exe.'
    • Once prompted for username and password, enter your School of Business username and password, then click Apply.

    • Your School of Business P and Q drives will map, and will be located under My Computer.

From off campus

If you wish to map the School of Business P and Q drive from off campus, you will first need to start a VPN session.  To do this, please go to and follow the instructions listed.

Once connected via VPN, complete the following instructions to map either your P: or Q: drive.

  •   Click Start icon
  •   Right click, "Computer" and select "Map a network drive


  •   Enter the file paths listed for the P: or Q: drive
    •  For the P drive:

    •   For the Q drive:
      • The folder: \\\s
      • Check "Reconnect at logon"
      • Check "Connect using different credentials"

  • Enter your School of Business credentials
    • If the machine is not on the School of Business domain please follow your username with
    • For example: If your name was John Smith your username would be entered as

 Click "OK" and your drive will be mapped.


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