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There are many tools UConn instructors can use to interact with students online.

HuskyCT with Blackboard Collaborate is the most robust Learning Management System (LMS) available to instructors at UConn. Mastering HuskyCT will take a significant investment in time.

WebEx Meeting Center and Training Center offers the easiest to learn, most direct method for online teaching and collaboration.

Google Apps has many tools but many limitations. For example only 15 participants can meet together in a video conference and recording has to be done though an external application such as Open Broadcaster.


UConn branded Blackboard LMS

  • Additional features:       
    • Discussion Board tool
    • Student Administration integration
    • Gradebook
    •  Blackboard Collaborate
      • Interactive Whiteboard – A multi-user tool with a wide range of annotation tools, including text and drawings.
      • Application Sharing – Share applications and documents with multiple users in real-time.
      • Collaborate2
      • Web Tour – Blackboard’s unique Web Tour feature allows moderators to launch an Internet browser on participant’s computers. The moderator can then navigate the site remotely, which reduces screen rendering delays.
      • Polling – Use the polling feature to ask participants Yes/No or multiple-choice questions during a session.
      • Chat – An interactive chat tool allows moderators and participants to communicate via text during a session (public and private).
      • Hand Raising – Participants can alert the moderator if they have an issue or question during the session by using the hand raising feature.
      • Guest Invitations – Invite participants from all across the institution and beyond.
      • Respondus Test/Exam Creation
      • Respondus Lock Down Browser

Requesting Blackboard for a class,

There is a large support infrastructure at UConn that can assist with every part of developing, implementing and delivering online classes


The UConn purchased a site license for WebEx in September, 2015. This platform offers many features.

Request UConn Reserved WeEx here

Getting Started with WebEx,

Google Apps

Students learn to use Google Apps in middle school and high school. Of the three platforms it is the easiest to use, and learn but has tradeoffs. File sharing is good, the email client is good, calendaring is good, but hangouts lacks the features of Blackboard Collaborate, WeEx Meeting, and Skype.

Opting-in to use Google Apps,

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Meeting was discontinued March 2016