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This article is a step by step guide to installing the directEDGAR tools. The directEDGAR tool is used to Search for, Extract and Normalize content from SEC EDGAR filings.  This tool is designed for faculty and students in the Accounting and Finance departments.  More information on this tool can be found here: To obtain access to this software, please submit a ticket by contacting the help desk via e-mail: ''


  1. Check to see if you have access to the folder.  You should see a folder 'DirectEdgar' in the Q Drive:  Q:\DirectEdgar
  2. Browse to and Open the DirectEdgar folder, the Open the Installation Files and Instructions folder
  3. Double Click on the "setup"
  4. On the Security Prompt - Click "Run", You'll also receive a UAC Prompt, Click "Yes" and then the Security prompt again, Click "Run" again

  5. The Setup Window will appear, Click on Next
  6. Specify the installation location if you want to change.  The default should be okay in most cases and then click "Install"
  7. Another security Prompt will appear, Click "Run"
  8. Click on "Finish"
  9. we will open and Configure directEDGAR - find the application 'EDGAREngine 64 bit' and Open
  10. Click Browse
  11. Navigate to Q:\DirectEDGAR and Select either the directEDGAR_ACCOUNTING or directEDGAR_FINANCE folder
  12. Click on the desired folder and click OK
  13. Click Generate Library
  14. Click OK
  15. Click OK again
  16. directEDGAR is now ready for usage