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Installing JMP Pro 12 for Windows (Windows 7/8.x/10)

Software Installation Guide

Installation Requirements

  • Installation requires elevated or admin access. (Ability to install applications and write to the Window's Registry.)
  • Use of JMP plugins for Microsoft Excel requires Microsoft Office be installed


Important Note:

These instructions explain how to install JMP Pro 12 on a Windows device capable of running Windows 7, or Windows 8.x. Though SAS does not officially support installation on Windows 10 devices the School of Business ITS group has confirmed that the installation completes successfully and the application appears to work. Results produced in a Windows 10 environment have not been verified by SAS.
NOTE: Before you begin it is important to run all Windows Updates and/or restart to apply any pending updates or the installation may fail.

Download JMP Pro 12 for Windows (if you are using a windows PC)

Download JMP Pro 12 for Windows from UConn File Locker. Your professor should have provided a link for your class.

The password for the FileLocker download is UCONNOPIM.
Save the archive to your Downloads folder
Double click on the archive to open it

Drag and drop the JMP12PRO-WIN folder to expand the archive.
Locate the JMP Pro 12 setup.exe file. It is several directories inside the JMPPRO12-WIN folder you recently expanded…\JMP12PRO-WIN\JMP\JMP_Pro\12_0_1\Windows\setup.exe

Double click on the setup.exe file to install JMP Pro 12.
The JMP Pro 12 - InstallShield Wizard will launch. Close any open programs and click Next.

On the Choose Destination Location screen, click Next to accept the default location and continue with the installation.

If you are running a 32-bit operating system, JMP Pro 12 will automatically select the 32-bit version to install.
If you are running a 64-bit operating system, JMP Pro 12 will ask you to manual choose the 64-bit version on the Installation Options screen.
Select the option to install the Excel Add-in.
Select the option to install the Java Runtime Environment (if needed).
Click Next.

On the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install to install the program.

On the InstallShield Wizard Complete screen, select the option to Check for JMP software updates. Then click Finish.
It is very important to maintain the latest patched version of JMP 12 Pro.
Start JMP from the Winows Start Menu.

Click Help and click on About JMP from the drop-down menu.

Click the hyperlink "Check for Updates". Follow the prompts to register and download any available updates.
IMPORTANT: Please register for software update notifications. Non-patched version of the application have been known to produce erroneous results.

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