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Installing JMP12Pro for Mac OSX

Software Installation Guide

Installation Requirements

  • Installation requires elevated or admin access. (Ability to install software)

Important Notes:

  • JMP for Mac does not provide JMP plugins for Microsoft Excel it is only available in the Windows version
  • JMP software requires updates after installation.


Download the compressed file from UConn FileLocker. Your professor should have provided your class with the link.

Save the archive locally.
Expand the entire archive. Opening the archive and attempting to install without expanding the archive will result in improper installation.
Go to your Downloads folder, open the expanded JMP12ProOSX folder
Navigate to JMP/JMP_Pro/12_0_1/Macintosh/

Double click on the JMP-12.dmg file.

Double click JMP Pro 12.pkg to begin the installation process.

Click Continue.

Click Continue.

Click Install Software.

Enter your administrative account's username and password.
Click Install Software.

After the installation completes a window will open. Click on the here link to check for JMP software updates.
Download and install any available updates.

It is very important that you register to keep informed of software updates. Non-updated versions of JMP have been known to produce erroneous results.

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