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  1. Locate the WebEx meeting link that was provided to you (usually via email)

  2. In the email, look for a 9-digit meeting access code

  3. In Skype for Business, in the Find someone search box, enter the following WebEx SIP address:
    (Do not include the spaces between the groups of numbers in the access code)
    <meeting access code>

  4. Right-click on the address that appears in the list, then select Start a Video Call.

  5. A new window will appear, and you will connect to the WebEx meeting. Use the standard Skype for Business buttons to connect your audio, video, and content if required.


Important Note: If the WebEx meeting has not been started by the host of the meeting, you willnot be able to connect to the meeting (Skype for Business will show an error after trying to connect). You must wait for the meeting to start before connecting.